DARIO BOENTE | Memories | Suite Nr.1

Original music by Dario Boente
Piano played by Lefki Karpodini


This is a really touching moment for me. Publishing a video with me playing a fantastic composition by an EXTREMELY talented friend of mine. DARIO BOENTE, an Argentinian jazz pianist and composer….. As I was planning to record Brahms Ballade Op.10 Nr.1 in the middle of tiding up papers and scores, I found these 5 pages music by Dario… I had not seen it for ages….. I remember back in 2000 when he gave me his piece. I had played it back then, and over the years I sat down and played it on my own. I always loved it. But never got to perform it on stage, as all the programs I was doing were classical ( this will change, music is one). Dario was one of my first and closest friends during my London studies, when we were both studying at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Me a classical musician, Dario a Jazz musician. We were always jealous of each other’s skills….. I always loved Dario’s music, Dario’s presence and Dario’s energy on stage. He was always capturing the crowd, from the quiet moments on stage to the very energetic ones, where people were dancing on his playing…. a real musician, a charismatic person. Then our paths over the years swifted geographically… Dario went back to New York. I went to Berlin and then Athens. So, two days ago, I gave him a call and asked about this piece. He sent me a revised version. I sat down and learnt it. I was over the moon. I just loved it so much that I could not stop playing it. And soon his book will come out “The music of Dario Boente Vol.I” with notes from music he has written over the years…. So, more lucky people will be out there to play his pieces…

You can watch Memories here