PIANISSIMI Adult Piano Course | UK | 04.2020

cancelled due to pandemy

I am delighted to announce that I am invited to give piano masterclasses at the fantastic PIANISSIMI in Suffolk in UK in the following April 2020 during the Adult Piano Course, which takes place for the fourth time after popular demand. The Adult Piano Course is open to all advanced level pianists- professionals, students or amateurs- who want to explore repertoire, improve their technical skills, prepare towards a public performance or audition. You will have the chance to attend masterclasses by experienced pianists and tutors as well as to get private piano lessons and the opportunity to run through your pieces in informal concerts!

If you are interested in participating please visit the website of PIANISSIMI and fill-in the booking form under BOOKING in the menu or send an email directly to:  claire@integratedresources.co.uk